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"Thanks again for the great service. Very professional and a great help to find the right replacement wheel for my Wesco Spartan Jr. hand truck."

Lanny C.

North Hollywood, CA

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Small Convertible Handtruck with Solid Deck and Two Brakes

MANUFACTURER: RWM Casters Product Number: HC6-EA3-FN2-B3(2)

Small convertible hand truck with a solid aluminum deck made of a heavy gauge aluminum sheet that is permanently affixed to the truck to allow transport of smaller and odd shaped items.  Our most popular 10" full pneumatic wheels that are a great general purpose wheel with a 4 ply, 2 piece hub, zerk fitting and ball bearings for easy rolling come with this truck! This truck also features an industrial strength extruded aluminum nose plate that is 14" wide by 9". This plate mounts on the front of the truck frame. This truck features two face contact brakes for the convertible casters - one brake will be attached to each small wheel.

Maximum hauling weight for hand truck frame and nose plate is 500 lbs. in the upright position and 1,000 lbs. in the platform position.


  • Total hand truck height: 51"

  • Platform handle height: 40"

  • Platform bed length: 38"

  • Platform bed height from floor: 10.5"

  • Overall length converted: 47.5"

  • Frame width: 12"

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