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"Thanks again for the great service. Very professional and a great help to find the right replacement wheel for my Wesco Spartan Jr. hand truck."

Lanny C.

North Hollywood, CA

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Solid Rubber Tire with Black "Mag" Style Polypro Hub

Product Number: SuperamBlack

Solid Rubber Black "Mag" Style Wheel

Model #: Superam Black

These wheels are the perfect solution for carts, lawn and garden equipment, agricultural, outdoor equipment or any application where a mag-style hub is preferred. Flat-free, puncture-proof, solid rubber tires on a gray mag-style polypro hub. These wheels are Made in the USA. Compared to pneumatic tires, they're very cost effective for minimizing downtime and maintenance. Versus all-plastic wheels, they are much quieter and durable. These wheeels are "Green" or "eco-friendly"! the manufacturing process uses crumb rubber made form recycled car and truck tires, and plastics using 100% post-consumer recycled materials. These wheels are, in turn, recyclable themselves - thus completing the cycle of conservation and re-purposing.

  • 10" Diameter

  • 2.75" Width

  • 2" Tread

  • 0.625" Bore Size

  • Ball Bearings

  • 2.25" offset bore length

  • 550 lb. Capacity     

  • Also available in 8", 12", 14' and 16" Diameters, delrin or ball bearings, offset or centered bores and capacities ranging from 440 lbs to 1,100 lbs.

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